Kamal Gadalla

My background is as a clinician scientist. I have a medical degree from Tanta University and trained as a physician prior to taking an academic post in pharmacology at Tanata University. I completed a PhD in gene therapy / neuroscience at the University of Glasgow in 2012. My research focuses on developing safe and effective gene therapies for the treatment of rare neurological disorders. I was the first to report the therapeutic benefit of gene therapy in mice modelling Rett syndrome and over the last few years I conducted further studies to assess different routes of CNS delivery and to develop safer and more effective vector designs. Recently, I showed that viral delivery of a severely truncated fragment of human MeCP2 protein is sufficient to ameliorate the RTT-like phenotypes in mice. Going forward, I am developing and testing novel gene therapy cassettes with enhanced safety features in Rett syndrome. I am also testing similar approaches in other neurodevelopmental disorders including Fragile X disorder and SYNGAP deficiency.




Dr Kamal Gadalla

Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences
R413, Hugh Robson Building, George Square
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK, EH8 9XD
Email: kgadalla@exseed.ed.ac.uk
Tel: (+44) 0131 651 1357




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Grants and awards



2017-2020 Scientific support for gene therapy, splicing therapy, and protein therapy programmes in Rett syndrome. RTT syndrome research trust.
2016-2017 MeCP2 Protein therapy in RTT syndrome.
2014-2017 Support for MECP2 Gene Therapy Consortium, Rosetrees trust.
2012-2016 Centre of excellence for cancer research (CECR), STDF, Egypt.
2013-2015 Genetic Signature for fostering next generation transitional cancer research, the ministry of high education, Egypt.



2011                Best presentation award, British Neuroscience Association regional meeting, Glasgow, UK.


Conferences and outreach


Invited International Speaker

2017 5th European Rett Syndrome Congress, Berlin, Germany
2014 Rett Syndrome Research Trust meeting, New York, USA.
2014 Stem cell training, face the future workshop, University of Alexandria, Egypt
2012 Gene/Cell Therapy Online Symposium.